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We have been doing the afternoon program since my son was two and it has worked out wonderfully. The program runs from 1-5pm, so I get a four hour break during the most difficult time of the day. And they put the kids down for hour-long naps — even when my son has not napped at home, he has always napped and Ladybugs.

M. Ross

It has been a wonderful experience for me to feel such security in knowing my child was in good hands when I could not be with her. I cannot praise Yvonne or this program enough. After trying different programs and methods of childcare, I can honestly say that this is the best program I have seen.


I highly recommend Ladybug and its cadre of wonderful teachers including owner/operator, Yvonne Hove. My son Jack has been enrolled in Yvonne’s original Ladybug school for the past two years. Jack has grown up at Ladybug and he loves all of the programs and teachers. He is so verbal and full of energy and willing to try new things — much of which I attribute to the attention and exposure he’s received at Ladybug.

S. Michaels

You have shaped our son into the amazing person that I see everyday… he has learned kindness, generosity, laughter, warmth and compassion — all the things he will need to make his way through this crazy world…thank you.” “Time has flown by over the past three years because you and Ladybug have given (my wife) and myself the complete peace of mind that (our son) is in a safe, loving and fun environment…It’s trust that’s earned! Under your guidance his spirit has flourished, his confidence grows and he clearly loves life and its daily explorations. Thank you so very much!” “We would like to thank you in a huge way for all that you and your staff have contributed to (our son’s) development… Your contribution has been substantial and your patience with us as first time parents has been in a word — admirable.

C. newman

Dear Yvonne,

In the fall of 2017, we received a call that changed our lives for the better. It was you letting us know that there would be a spot for Larkin at Ladybug beginning in February of 2018. After 3 unreliable nannies, this was the greatest relief. We are deeply grateful for the work you do and for the support you’ve given our family over the past almost 2 1/2 years. We very much credit you with developing Larkin’s sense of caring, good manners (for other people ~ haha!), and social skills. Thanks to you, we have also enjoyed a sense of community with other families which can be difficult to come by in San Francisco. Please accept this confidential gift as an expression of our gratitude for all that you have done! We hope it will help Ladybug to continue providing your very important services. If possible, we would love to see a portion of this invested in necessary items for your new commercial space when you find it. We are huge Ladybug fans rooting for your future.

With love & many thanks,

Jon & Lauren

Dearest Yvonne

Thank you for all you do! You have become family to us. We are so grateful for you and for how you love and care for our kids! Ellis just looooves Ladybug and her friendships and especially You! You have created such a special space and family, and we’re so thankful to be part of it! 

K. & E. watkins


We are so glad we decided to make Samantha part of the Ladybug Family. She has really loved the experience and can’t wait to go back to school. Thank you for all your hard work & dedication during this incredibly challenging time. Hope you are able to get some rest & enjoy the holidays!

All our best,



We knew when we walked into your school that we found our place. It was filled with joy, creativity, wonder, and just plain made us happy. It has been Fin’s happy place for 2 years and she has had such wonderful experiences that we know have truly shaped her in a significant way.

You have created a safe and joyful place for her to grow, explore, and learn to be the kindest she can be (for Fin, we know this was a lot of work). Thank you for being a human, kind and understanding and willing to work with her through her first words. We know there will be many more and we can only hope she has a place, and people like you all in her next stages to guide her through. Fin has been asking for her school and teachers lately to make her feel better, that alone shows the impact. We have a box full of her art and photos from school that we will hang in her new room to remind her of her adventures.

So thank you, for welcoming us into your family, we will cherish Ladybug as a HUGE part of our lives. We have even more memories with the other families you welcomed, we shared evenings in the parks after school, weekend playdates, birthday parties and even vacations. Leila and Julia’s families are now close friends that will extend beyond location and school, we are grateful for that.

Good luck with re-opening, I know the kids are excited to be back. We hope things go back to normal by the new year. We are open anytime for a zoom to say goodbye if you’re up for it. And let us know if you ever need anything in the future!

With Love,

 Kali, Joe & Fin 

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