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Our Educational Philosophy

We provide the time, space, tools, toys and direction for children to thrive. With a combination of directed activities such as art, cooking, music and movement classes, circle time, and “free play” times children are offered just the right balance for them to learn and grow.

A day in the life of Ladybug Preschool

Full day and half day programs available for ages 12 months – 5 years. View a sample daily childcare schedule, including everything from daily naps, snacks and activities – to weekly trips and adventures.

About Ladybug Childcare & Preschool

Founded in 1989 with three location in San Francisco’s Marina and Cow Hollow neighborhoods, Ladybug Childcare & Preschool has downsized to 1 location on Bay Street in the Marina. This allows for our staff and team to take all the necessary precautions during this sensitive time. What the saying? “Do one thing and do it right.” This is our goal!

Our Early Childhood Education Program

Children are natural learners. They are born with a curiosity that encourages them to question, explore, and discover the world around them. We offer children an opportunity to do this. Ladybug’s play based curriculum fosters social, creative, physical, and cognitive skills, fulfilling the needs of the child to develop as a whole person.

Indoor Activities & Play Based Learning | Trains | Ladybug Childcare & Preschool

The ABC’s

and so much more…

At Ladybug, our focus is to teach social skills such as:

  • Sharing 
  • Respect for one another
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Using words to explain 
  • Confidence



Indoor Activities & Play Based Learning | Wooden Blocks | Ladybug Childcare & Preschool
Outdoor Play & Play Based Learning | Dump Truck Fort Mason, San Francisco | Ladybug Childcare & Preschool
Outdoor Play at Fort Mason, San Francisco | Ladybug Childcare & Preschool
Outdoor Play & Halloween Activities | Kitchen & Pumpkin | Ladybug Childcare & Preschool
Play Based Learning & Fine Motor Skills | Engineering Blocks | Ladybug Childcare & Preschool

“Ladybug is the kind of place every parent dreams of finding for their children.”

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